5 Reasons Why you Might Need a Podiatrist

A podiatrist, or podiatric physician is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle injuries, and any injury, if not diagnosed correctly, can soon become a major issue. It isn’t only athletes that use podiatrists, as any injury to the foot can quickly immobilise a person, and the right diagnosis is vital, otherwise the treatment could actually make the injury worse. Here are just a few of the reasons why you might need to see a podiatrist.

  • Diabetic Conditions – Diabetes affects many parts of the body and the feet are usually affected in some way. Nerves that normally give us pain when we have a foot problem can be damaged due to diabetes, and it is this lack of feeling which is dangerous, and if a condition is left untreated, a serious injury can occur. If you live in Western Australia, there are affordable podiatrists in Perth who can effectively diagnose and treat foot problems that are caused by diabetes.


  • Athlete’s Foot – This is a common ailment, and it doesn’t just affect athletes, with many people suffering from this condition. It is a fungal infection that grows in the warm, moist areas between the toes and typically attacks the nails. There are medications for this condition, but it is advisable to see your local podiatrist who can recommend the best treatment.


  • Ingrown Toenails – Many people suffer from ingrown toenails and it typically occurs when a nail grows into the skin at the corner of the toe. If untreated, it can be very painful, causing redness and swelling of the affected area, and a visit to the podiatrist is the best way to deal with this condition. Ingrown toenails can be hereditary, or might occur due to stubbing your toe, which makes the nail misaligned and it begins to grow at an angle.


  • Corns and Callouses – If you have ever suffered from corns, you will already know how painful it is. Caused by continued pressure on a bony area of the foot, callouses develop and if not treated, will gradually become more and more painful. The treatment depends upon the severity of the condition, and a qualified podiatrist would be able to recommend the best way to cure corns.


  • Flat Feet – Fallen arches are a common problem in children and adults alike, and flatfoot can display a range of symptoms. If not treated, it can lead to a permanent deformity, which is why is it essential to see a podiatrist who can diagnose and recommend the best treatment. The partial or total collapse of the arch leaves you with little or no support, and with the right footwear and treatment, the condition can easily be remedied.


Whatever the problem with your feet or ankles, a visit to your local podiatrist is advised, and even if you do not have a problem, it is a good idea to have regular check-ups, just to be sure.

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