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Life is indeed fast for the modern career woman, with a very hectic schedule during the day and a busy social calendar, today’s liberated female must manage her time well. Hair and make-up sessions are somehow squeezed into the day, and for some women, hair loss is a huge problem. There could be many reasons why a woman might suffer from premature hair loss, with many thousands in the UK alone, and now there are non-invasive hair restoration treatments available that tick all the boxes.

Hair Extensions

These have been a part of hair styling for a few years now, and is typically an accessory for the short haired woman who wants an overnight long hair look. Human hair is by far the best to use, as it is real hair, and therefore behaves as hair should, and by carefully matching the colour and type of hair, the hair extensions can be carefully woven into the existing hair, thus concealing any thin patches. If you live in the UK and hair loss is a problem, contact the pioneers of this revolutionary hair loss treatment Hair Solved. They have clinics in most major UK cities, which makes it convenient, and after an initial examination, the technician will be able to suggest the best solution.


This is the technique used to attach the human hair extensions, and it requires no glue or heat. The attachment is so good that you can swim, play sports and wash and condition your hair as normal, and with the knowledge that your hair will always look natural, you can lead a perfectly normal life. The treatment can also be used in the case of total baldness, which occurs when a woman undergoes chemotherapy treatment, and a fine mesh is attached to the scalp with special surgical tape, and gradually, the human hair extensions are woven into the mesh, and this system does not inhibit the natural regrowth of the hair, which will grow back when the chemotherapy treatment ceases.

Long Lasting

This treatment will last for up to 3 months without any attention, then you would have to visit the clinic where the technician will make the necessary adjustments, and the same hair extensions can be reused, which keeps the price down. For women who suffer permanent hair loss, this is an excellent solution, and can be an ongoing thing, while those who have temporary hair loss can simply have the device removed at any time.

Affordable Solutions

This treatment is not expensive, which is why many women are taking advantage of a non-invasive and very effective solution to hair loss, and if you think this might be affecting you, an online search should give you the contact details of a reputable hair restoration clinic.

Human hair extensions have been used primarily to achieve the long haired look for special occasions, yet this new technique has enabled women with severe hair loss to lead perfectly normal lives, and with experienced technicians, they can effectively conceal any form of hair loss.

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