Aniracetam Choline- Attributed to a lack of Choline

The Aniracetam Choline nootropic stack is a common combination of brain enhancing supplements that are purported to improve cognitive ability, memory, focus, and mood. Aniracetam is a nootropic agent that is reported to improve mood, increase focus and support brain power, also known as Ampamet, Draganon or Memodrin attributed to a lack of choline. It enables in the improvements in anxiety and depressive thoughts, greater mental energy and ability to concentrate deeply. It enhances color perceptions, the sensation of listening to music, alertness, social interactive ability and improving resistance to distraction or irritation. It is also responsible for stimulating neurotransmitters release that is connected to neurological stimulation and alertness. It helps them to feel more creative and increases holistic thinking and the ability to form new connections.

A popular and commonly used cognitive enhancer, Aniracetam displays anxiolytic effects. People suffering from anxiety attacks and high levels of stress consume this nootropic and find amazing improvement in their condition. It manifests itself in the form of improvement in concentration and focus, positive mood, and relaxed demeanor. Earlier this nootropic was conceived as a substitute to Piracetam, but with time it was used to address anxiety problems. Its low toxicity levels make it a safe substance. The brain registers increased serotonin and dopamine activity that ultimately leads to Aniracetam’s anxiolytic properties which is attributed to a lack of choline.

Supplements used to increase levels of acetylcholine

Aniracetam also is known as N-anisoyl-2-pyrrolidinone, is a racetam which is sold in Europe as a prescription drug. Though FDA has not approved this substance, it is still increasingly used by people. Aniracetam is a bitter, fat-soluble and nootropic drug of the racetam class which possesses anxiolytic properties. Its also brings about an improvement in turnover, ATP and cAMP levels ultimately enhancing energy levels and efficiency. It is very important to take this substance as per recommended dosage to avoid sustaining its side effects which may occur if the dosage is more than what has been prescribed.

The release of the dopamine and acetylcholine are also in the hippocampal portion. Racetam does not allow the major action of the hippocampus, but other supplements like ginkgo biloba do increase the memory recall effectiveness in the hippocampus.

Benefits of Choline

There are ample benefits of choline, and major benefits are seen in the area of synaptic plasticity and mental capacity improvement. This nutrient which is soluble in water is also closely associated with Vitamin B Complex. It ensures strengthening of synaptic plasticity which gets weakened with time also attributed to the lack of choline.

The choline uptake increases to a considerable extent with Aniracetam in neurons which leads to the release of acetylcholine.  Choline itself has a mild nootropic effect, purported to promote improved memory performance and comprehension. Using racetam cognitive enhancers can cause stores of acetylcholine to be depleted in certain parts of the brain. Based on this theory, this increased demand on the Cholinergic system needs to be offset with an increased supply of choline so that the brain can synthesize more acetylcholine.


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