Breast Enlargement: Past, Present and Into the Beautiful Future

It is said that Helen of Troy, a Grecian Queen, had beauty so breathtaking she would cast forth a thousand warring ships with just a nod.  A Greek artisan immortalized her womanly image and those of countless others with statues and busts that still stand today as the hallmark and template for true beauty.  And when first meeting others, we are greeted with the harmony and fineness of a woman’s face, that which immediately meets the eye but it is the breast that embodies true female beauty, rendering it with a soft but youthful support and breasts that project fullness and voluptuousness.

Patients often have a very good idea regarding the cup size they wish, but theshape and size are not the same. We use volume, the volume afforded by the breast implant, to enhance theshape and so patients are not only larger after surgery, but shape dramatically improves too.  This additional volume expands the base of the breast towards the cleavage area, extends the breast to the side of the chest, and provides for adequate fill of the upper part of the breast to establish and even to recreate youth and provide for projection of the female breast.  Thus, breast augmentation can be performed to achieve a natural appearance and at the same time create beauty, symmetry, and harmony. Though augmentation surgery is performed in each patient for the same anatomical goals as just mentioned, the size of the breast implant is arrived at with not only shape improvement in mind but also each patient’s specific size wishes. Doctor and patient work together before surgery to establish a patient’s wishes and goals and with an understanding of what different sizes will do to the overall shape, and a decision is made as to what size ranges would best suit the patient.

There are a variety of breast implants available for women today which involve different shapes of the shell, or outer layer of the implant and the fill, or contents of the implant.  The shell of the implant can be round or breast-shaped but round implants are in more common use today because of their simplicity and their intrinsic beauty.

The two types of fills for breast implants are saline and silicone gel implants. It is important to understand that each type of fill is FDA approved and is safe. Both saline and gel implants have been in use for 60 years. It is critical for patients to understand that since both types of implants are safe and effective for breast augmentation, that they are both good choices, and each have pluses and minuses when considering their use as an implant to enhance beauty.

After a thorough discussion with a board certified plastic surgeon, a decision can be made regarding which implant is best for that specific patient.  Again, the key is to enhance beauty and to minimize visual cues of having been “done” or “operated on” by imitating nature and adhering to principles that will help bring out a woman’s natural beauty.  Most women already have natural beauty embedded within the shape of their current breast tissue and the lasting effect of their original shape in their current skin envelope and this is used to sculpt and shape the new breast via breast augmentation.  Think of the implant as enhancing the beauty that is already present and providing for more fullness and a better shape and projection than would be normal at that stage of life.

Placing the breast implant completely beneath the chest muscle gives better, more shapely and more natural cosmetic results and provides for longer lasting fullness.  Scientific studies have proven breast augmentation to be very safe and effective and with a very high rate of patient satisfaction (95%) because the procedure involves not only going larger but working on improving shape which is a very important reason to make a change. Following ideas of beauty when considering breast augmentation can not only restore fullness but help to achieve the beauty women have been seeking for the ages.

Dr D. Newman Murrieta Plastic Surgeon

You will be in good hands when you choose to have any procedure done at The Plastic Surgery Center of Temecula and La Jolla, which has served the Temecula/Murrieta area for twenty years. Dr. David A. Newman is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has an outstanding academic and surgical record and whose practice is limited to Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Newman’s state of the art surgical facility is certified by The American Association of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, which is the certifying organization most recommended by The Medical Board of California.

Besides his reputation as a skilled technical surgeon who works toward achieving natural results, Dr. Newman is known as a compassionate and caring professional. He feels that ongoing communication and mutual respect between doctor and patient form the basis for successful surgical results, which translates into a significant amount of time spent face-to-face with the Doctor.  We hope to see you for your next Temecula breast enlargement or Murrieta breast augmentation.

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