Care & Feeding Tips for Your Pet Beagle

Beagles are intelligent brave social dogs that are widely known of their tolerance, loving and sweet temperatures. This breed does well indoor as long as it is properly exercised and taken for long daily walks, traditionally beagles were used for hunting purpose, they are also known to be easy to train due to their intelligence, care and proper feeding method should be well provided to those social animals, to make their live comfortable and obtain best result from them. Below is well detailed information on how to handle beagles.


· One of the most important considerations in choosing commercial beagle’s food is to make sure that it meets nutrition needs of the puppy, a growing puppy needs a lot of protein and thus meat should be the main ingredient.

· One should consult a vet for Massachusetts on the best puppy food; a beagle’s puppy should be fed 4 times a day till they attain an age of 12 weeks after which they should be fed thrice a day and finally twice day after maturity.

Grooming Beagle

Though they have short coats like another dog beagle sheds, thus it is important for one to take them in a yard for periodic grooming sessions, and one should weakly brush their coat using either bristle brush or dog’s glove.

· A beagle should be showered ones a month unless it becomes dirty or smelly, its nails should be trimmed when they get long and its teeth should be brushed twice a week.

Exercising Beagle

· This is one of the most important things of maintaining Massachusetts beagle puppy heath, it is achieved by taking them for a daily walk, and this also stimulates the pup and prevents him from getting bored, swell as improving socialization as he becomes accustomed to strange dogs and people.

· A beagle should have a walk at least once a day for around 30 minutes at moderately brisk pace, one should be cautious of not over-exerting the puppy as his bones are still developing, in addition one should give some strenuous exercise to provide some cardio.

Taking beagle to the Vet

· After his arrival one should take him to a vet as soonest as possible, by then he should have been leash trained and this will help the vet to easily handle him, this first visit is important as it eliminates future anxieties during future visits.

· The vet provides one with a schedule of vaccinations of the puppy as well as spray dates, it also important for one to request from the vet of how often should his dog need to get rabies shot to remain in compliant with state regulations.

Engaging beagle’s senses

· A part from playing fetch, runs, hike and going for a walk beagle enjoys mentally stimulation, since they are scent hounds, they are created with keen sense of smell and superior tracking instincts, one should purchase animal scents and play tracking game in order to engage beagle’s senses, beagles also enjoys sniffing stimulation this can be achieved by placing their feeding bowls at different locations, and thus turning their meal time to a treasure hunting activity.

· Due to animal human transmitted diseases such as rabies it important for one owning a beagle to have a e111 card that is an European heath insurance card that one may use to get compensated treatment in Europe in case of infection.

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