Dental Implant And Dental Crown

Smile is the most beautiful way of making yourself and others around happy. The smile is known to be contagious and it is quite essential in the corporate world to smile in order to get the things done. Though you are good at work, you need to have a pretty beautiful smile which can be possible only with healthy oral system. When a person has completely decayed tooth or if it is partially decayed, he can go for tooth implants or crowns. They help in improving the appearance of a person and also helps in managing oral hygiene. By knowing what exactly is a dental implant and dental crown, one can decide which one to choose based on the requirement.

If you have a badly decayed teeth or teeth, which is periodically compromised or teeth on which root canal has to be done or a highly traumatised teeth, then you are in need of a dental implant or dental crown. Though both the methods are used in attending the above mentioned conditions, there are several differences between the two. If a person has undergone a root canal treatment then crowns are usually preferred. If one has a traumatised teeth or teeth, which is periodically compromised, then implants are preferred. However, before placing a dental implant, tooth extraction has to be done.

When Is Dental Implant Preferred?

For patients who are partially edentulous, dental implant would be the best option without any doubt. The process of dental implant help in mastication and also the anesthetics same as the original teeth. But before getting an implant done, the strength of the bone and gum has been considered. This is a very long procedure and will take a few months for getting the results of the replacement and one need to plan for frequent visits to doctors. A dental implant is nothing but a procedure which requires placement of posts. The posts need to be placed properly as the given support to the alveolar bone. This procedure is usually done during the first visit itself. The post shall be help in place for several weeks. With time, this will get united with the alveolar bone. In case the bone and the post does not get united even after a certain time, then this procedure would be a failure and alternative method of restoration has to be considered. After the post gets adjusted, a crown will be placed. Initially a temporary crown will be placed, which will be later replaced by a permanent one. This will be however does only when there is a union between tooth and the gingiva.


When Is a Dental Crown Preferred?


A dental crown is usually placed after completion of a root canal treatment. Due to removal of the pulp of the tooth, it becomes very weak after the treatment. Crowns provide support to this weak tooth. Its morphological shape will be similar to a natural tooth. It also provides the same mastication function of the original tooth. It will be either placed at the top of the posts which in turn are placed in the roots of the tooth or directly fused to the tooth at the gingival line. This procedure does not take much time online dental implants. This can be completed by minimal visits to the doctor. The dental crowns are not permanent. After every few years, the replacement has to be done for better health and hygiene.

An experienced dentist would help you decide which procedure to consider based on the condition of your tooth. Visit to know more about the procedure and also to know what other procedures are available to treat decayed teeth. However, it is preferred not to consider self medication. Do visit a denting before you take medicines for temporary relief.

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