Diagnosed with Coeliac Disease – What are the Options?

If you have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease by your doctor, it isn’t the end of the world, and you will be joining the many thousands of sufferers worldwide that live in a gluten-free setting. Simply put, coeliac disease means you must avoid ingesting anything that contains gluten, as your autoimmune system will have a bad reaction and this can cause serious damage to the lower bowels and intestines.

Doctor Diagnosis

The symptoms related to coeliac disease can sometimes be difficult to spot, and in many cases, the patient is diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, a condition that has similar symptoms, but in the event you are diagnosed with coeliac disease, your doctor will be able to write some gluten free prescriptions and you can buy gluten free foods from any pharmacy.

Join an Online Community

After the initial shock of the diagnosis, you will soon realise that having to avoid gluten products is not a life changing experience, and by talking to others in the same situation, you will feel reassured. There are many such websites that contain useful information on all aspects of the disease, and by joining a gluten free community, you will have all the support and advice you need to make the transition a smooth one.

Dietary Planning

A website that is dedicated to coeliac sufferers would have information to help you create a dietary plan, and some even have a gluten free menu creation application, to help you plan a varied and tasty diet. The breads and cakes you have always enjoyed are not strictly out of bounds, as you can buy bread and other grain based foods that are made with gluten free products, and when you are outside, it doesn’t take long to get into the habit of food identification, and with many retail food outlets that cater for coeliac sufferers, sourcing gluten free menu items is not difficult.

Creating a New Routine

Many people who are diagnosed with coeliac disease were unaware of the existence of gluten, but with some self-education on the Internet, it soon becomes obvious that there is no need to panic, and by creating a self-awareness of the fact that gluten must be avoided at all times, it very quickly becomes second nature. With the help of the online community, you can create a new routine that includes identifying food items that might contain gluten, and you can lead a perfectly normal life.

Inform Family and Friends

It is always a good idea to make people aware that you must avoid gluten, and you might find that some people you know are already experiencing a gluten free life, and they would be able to give you good advice about dietary planning and identifying foods that do contain gluten.

Once you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease, you can begin to take precautions to endure that your diet is gluten free, and with online suppliers of gluten free products, you can still eat your favourite foods.

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