Exercise Should Be Fun and Engaging: Your Quick Guide to Pilates

Because of the fact that our outward appearances are constantly on display for the whole world to see, many people have started taking shortcuts in an effort to enhance their online image. Some people utilise photo-editing software to mask skin blemishes, trim fatty love handles, and whiten their teeth, whereas others apply different scenic effects to their photographs in order to hide imperfections. But when you stop and really think about it, this is an exercise in futility. Altering a picture doesn’t change how you actually look and feel in real life, as you are merely perpetrating a ruse. After all, what do you expect your long-lost friend to think when they see that you’re actually twenty kilograms heavier than your social media pictures?

Instead of wasting your time with these virtual augmentations to your outward appearance, it would be much wiser to attack the root of the problem instead: your fitness level.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is widely referred to as the modern “yoga remix,” and it is becoming increasingly popular by the day, but it’s important to draw a distinction between the two. Both yoga and Pilates have been proven to increase muscular flexibility and joint health while at the same time decreasing stress levels and affecting a more positive disposition. However, Pilates exercises are geared towards enhancing core strength and spine alignment, whereas yoga employs specific postures and counter-postures to emphasise balance and spiritual wellness.

If you’re looking to engage in Pilates in Bayswater, perhaps at one of the reputable physio-Pilates gyms in the area, you’re probably looking for the answer to a simple question: “What can I expect on my first day?”

Your First Day

Getting into shape can be extremely difficult, especially if you are trying to reverse years of poor dieting and a general lack of exercise. This is why joining a high-pressure gym right from the get-go is such a poor idea, and likewise, it’s the main reason why Pilates is such a great choice for beginners. With some help from an on-site physiotherapist, you’ll be able to perform basic stretches and exercises for the first couple of days as you get acclimated to increasing your heart rate. From the simple roll-up exercise, in which you perform a sit-up and then reach for your toes, to the double-leg stretch, which involves bringing your knees towards your chest while lying down, your physiotherapist will guide through beginner’s exercises before moving onto more difficult techniques. Some of the more challenging Pilates exercises include the shoulder bridge, criss-cross, and the Pilates plank-to-pushup, all of which provide a fantastic core workout while stretching muscles you never even knew existed!

Picking the Best Facility

If you’re just getting into Pilates, it is important to find a great gym from the onset. With this in mind, you should look for the following attributes in a gym:

  • Ample on-site parking
  • An inviting reception, ideally one with comfortable seating and a complimentary espresso bar
  • A clean, well-appointed gym fully-equipped with body sculpting balls, resistance bands, Pilates reformers, and a host of modern Pilates equipment
  • Dedicated recovery rooms staffed by massage therapists and rehabilitation specialists for post-exercise treatments

Stop editing your pictures all the time; instead, focus on editing yourself! Pilates will help you kick off your exercise efforts the right way and assist you in building healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

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