Harmful Foods to stay away from while breastfeeding

Motherhood is both a blessing and a responsibility. You cannot let ignorance drive you away from the duty of nurturing the new life in the best way you can. While nursing your baby you are directly pumping your body contents into the baby. You have to decide what goes in your baby’s stomach by eating right.

Here is a list of the food that you must totally abhor from having while you are breast feeding:

1) Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks have saccharine. This is an artificial sugar substitute which is 100 times sweeter than sugar. It is very harmful and doesn’t break down in your body. It may pass on to your baby and lead to an allergic response.

Also they are aerated that is they have been pumped in with lots of gases. These lead to acidity and that is something that easily passes on to your baby. Babies already have a hard time suffering from stomach ache due to the irregular gut movements, to add on more gas bubbles.

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2) Tea and caffeine products

Most females have the habit of having tea early morning. They complain of nausea and headache if they miss their morning cup. But tea has caffeine which will adversely affect your baby’s sleep patterns. Caffeine is addictive. It is a nervous stimulant that is the reason why your sleep goes away when you have tea before going to bed. Avoid having tea, if not completely not more than once a day.

The drug caffeine is known to affect the melatonin secretion. This hormone is responsible for pigmentation. Avoid avoidavoid!!

3) Foods that cause flatulence

As mentioned above babies have stomach aches mainly due to the irregular gas circulation in the gut. Foods such as cabbage, cauliflower, and family members have a lot of bicarbonates. They are similar in effect as the carbonated drinks.

Avoid having celery, brussels sprouts, radishes and onions.

4) Aubergines (Brinjal)

Aubergines have nicotinic acid which is a modification of nicotine. They may have small amounts of nicotine, the same drug that is found in cigarettes and tobacco. They have very high level of potassium which disturbs the electrolyte balance. They can also cause high blood pressure as they have tyramine which is responsible for increasing blood pressure. Also they have menstruation promoting hormones which counter hormones needed for milk production.

5) Pineapple

Pineapple has Bromelain the enzyme responsible for giving its properties. While it has a lot of properties the one to be considered now is the ability to induce menstruation. It is a diuretic fruit and hence promotes menstruation.This is opposite to the lactation hormone’s effects.

6) Alcohol

Who needs alcohol when you have your bundle of joy to get high on life? Alcohol consumption leads to development of abnormalities in the baby such as a stunted growth. Your breast milk will have alcohol content and your baby will unintentionally be getting it.

Alcohol disturbs and depresses brain regions. This is the exponential phase of your baby’s growth and such depressants are condemned.

7) Some spices

Spice is often misinterpreted as having lot of chillies. Spices even include cardamom and fennel. You need to understand that spices are of two kinds: warm spices and cooling spices. Cinnamon, cardamom and peppers are warm in nature. On the other hand turmeric and fennel are soothing spices. You do need few spices like turmeric to help you heal post delivery symptoms. But you have to reduce the chilli powder, peppers, cinnamon etc. They may upset your baby’s stomach and make him fussy.

8) Raw onion

Onions have a lot of oxalic acid and this leads to the bad mouth odour. They lead to dehydration. Your body is already losing a lot of water to eat dehydrating foods.

On part of the baby the effects are even worse. Onions are colic inducing food. When you will have them the milk will taste different and your baby might not want to feed on it. Even if your baby accepts it she will have a very hard time due to colic pains, pain due to expansion of intestine.

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9) Garlic

Garlic again is a potent colic inducer. Garlic is a pungent spice and it changes the smell and texture of milk. However it is important to mention here that it has the property to stimulate lactation. So if your baby is not affected by the changes in milk after having garlic, you may have a clove. But it is better to steer away if you have been blessed with a good milk output.

10) Powdered yeast

This is the content found in every bakery product from cheese cakes to breads. Always check the ingredients of these products and look for artificial culture word being mentioned. Yeast powder is a potent allergen. If it passes on to your baby there is a high chance that your baby will show symptoms of allergy. They will be like inflammation, vomiting, rashes and even fever.

Consume raw fruits and vegetables and avoid all harmful preservatives like artificial colouring and flavouring agents.

The good you eat will go into your baby and will lay the foundation of her healthy future.

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