Is Diabetes Covered by Health Insurance?

Diabetes is a condition where your blood sugar level is way too high, compared to others. This is caused due to the improper segregation of a hormone named Insulin. Insulin helps the glucose received from the food we eat, to be observed by the cells in our body. If your body does not make enough insulin, it results in Type 1 diabetes and if insulin is produced in large amount it leads to Type 2 diabetes. There is also another type called as ‘Prediabetes’, where your blood glucose level is high, but not as high to be called as ‘diabetes’, which later leads to Type 2 diabetes. If this ‘Diabetic’ condition is not treated properly at the right time, then it may cause serious issues like eye damage, kidney damage, nerve problem and heart diseases.

Health Insurance Plans for Treating Diabetes:


            India is known as the ‘Diabetic capital of the World’, since many people from India, suffer this condition called ‘Diabetes’. However, there are not many insurance agencies who are willing to provide insurance for diabetic patients. Even if they are ready to provide comprehensive coverage, they do it under many terms and conditions. The reason for this is due to the high probability of patients outliving the policy term and the medication and treatment costs, tends to raise.

            This diabetes can be diagnosed easily by the following symptoms like excessive thirst, frequent urination, blurry vision, weight loss, etc. If not treated at the right time, there is increased chance for damage in the eyes. There are many health covers available for covering the medical costs of the diabetic patients for a specific time period. For only a few agencies provide health insurance plans, the best health insurance plans are mentioned below:


Health Plan Eligibility Age Limit Premium per month Sum Assured Coverage
Star Health Diabetes Safe Type II Diabetic patient 26 – 65 INR 800 INR 50,000 – 5,00,000 Retinopathy


Foot Ulcer

National Insurance Varistha Mediclaim Senior Citizens

60 – 80 years

60 – 80 INR 4100 INR 1,00,000 Pre-diabetic patients can also avail this plan
ICICI Prudential Diabetes Care Type II diabetes 25 – 60 INR 12754 (1 year)

INR 10,841

INR 3 Lakh

INR 5 lakh

INR 10 lakh

Coronary Artery bypass Graft, Cancer, Organ transplant


These are some of the insurance plans available for the diabetic patients. However, hypertension are not included in health cover, after 4 years.

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