Life after heart surgery – Learning to love the scars

When surgery is your best treatment option for your heart, trust the heart experts at leading cardiac hospitals India for high-quality care. You’ll find a wide range of treatment options, including small invasive procedures that lead to less pain, scarring and recovery time.

You don’t recover from heart surgery overnight. Your condition will improve gradually, and you’ll notice that each day you’ll feel a little bit better. Regular Checkups and monitoring should be part of this recovery process along with which a few life style changes like eating habits and regular exercising.

Once you are home, try to get back to your normal routine as much as possible. It’s a good idea to be surrounded by people around you. A lively and positive environment always helps quicken up recovery.

It is common to feel depressed or sad after heart surgery, it’s a part of treatment for heart disease. It takes an emotional toll on everyone in one way or another. Sadness, fear of complications, feeling tired, lack of energy, inability to sleep, and poor appetite are one of the many forms of post-surgery trauma. It generally improves as you heal and see yourself getting back to normal.

Here is a 5 step come back plan for every heart patient post-surgery.

Step 1: Take life one night at a time.

Most bypass surgery patients experience sleep problems initially, according to surveys, with many finding that the problems become chronic.  This maybe cased because of the sudden change in lifestyle and anxiety. Regular visits to a psychiatrist and prescription sleeping pills may bring better sleep for the first few months.

Step 2: Face the pain head-on—both the physical and the emotional.

Pain killers can give you temporary relief at the same time it can be harmful to your liver and sometimes can become addictive. Prolonged use of this can be fatally damaging in the long run. Creating a mental tolerance to pain can help you leave the painkillers behind and make you stronger both physically and mentally.

Step 3: Get out, even if it’s to the park in the neighbourhood.

After a couple of weeks into surgery, it is recommended you change your environment. Being stuck up in one room at all times can be emotionally draining. It is always good to have people who boost your moral, it helps you recover better and faster. Going out gives you confidence that you can move around and boosts you up.

Step 4: Eat Healthy.

You are what you eat. Eating right not only facilitates early recovery but also makes you start to live a healthy life. A healthy life means lesser bodily complications. Substituting your diet with lesser oily and fatty foods can help tremendously.

Step 5: Take up physical challenges.

 Always wanted to sky dive? Climb a hill? Run a marathon? Gearing up for a physical challenge following heart surgery is a great way to feel alive and motivated again.

Feel free to address any of these concerns with your Cardiac Surgery. Urgent problems that need immediate attention may include:

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