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It’s a funny thing about teeth, you can brush three times a day with the best fluoride toothpaste, floss in between meals, stay away from sweets, gargle after snacking, take vitamins, eat healthy and still have problems like cavities and cracked teeth. What most people don’t realize is that eating candy and not brushing your teeth aren’t the only things that can affect your dental health. There are many factors that contribute to maintain good, strong teeth.

 Dr. Rosa is a Sacramento cosmetic dentist and he has seen a lot in his long years of practicing dentistry. He can tell you that when you sleep sugars and other substances are sitting on your teeth and busily working to decay them. That’s one reason why brushing before you go to sleep is so important. When you’re awake, your saliva and the liquids you drink wash away some of the decaying substances so they don’t have the chance to work themselves into your teeth and gums. That’s one of the reasons that smoking is so bad for your teeth. Smoking dries out your mouth removing the saliva that helps keep your teeth clean.

New Year’s Resolutions can also cause you problems. Signing on to a diet that promises that you can drop pounds ultra fast, leading to rapid weight loss, can lead to loss of calcium, a must for healthy teeth and the bone structure that supports them. Yes it’s good to maintain a healthy weight and it’s also good to lose weight if you are currently overweight, but rapid weight loss can rob your body of the nutrients it needs to maintain optimal dental health. Loss of sleep, extended illness, even lack of any exercise can cause problems with your teeth. Any of these could be the reason you have broken a tooth, and sometimes it just happens.

But you don’t have to fret because there are plenty of options available to mitigate the damage a broken tooth causes. The most frequently used procedure to get your tooth back to its pristine appearance and giving you the ability to chew is the installation of dental crowns.  Dental crowns are structures that look just like teeth and are placed over the broken tooth. They are cemented in place and can allow you to do everything you did with your natural tooth. As an added bonus, it looks and feels just like a natural tooth so no one will be able to tell the difference. In time, you may not even be able to tell yourself.

The process of placing a crown is quite simple. Your tooth is measured and an impression is made of your teeth. The measurements and impression are used to create the crown. The color of your surrounding teeth is also noted and you will be able to help decide the color that matches the best. In case you haven’t noticed, all of your teeth are not the same color. This way your crown will match the teeth that surround it as closely as possible ensuring that it doesn’t stand out.  Dr. Rosa will be happy to evaluate your tooth and give you his recommendation. Make an appointment today.

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