Reasons, Types and Treatment Procedures of Cancer

Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases of the human body which involves abnormal cell growth which spread all over the body. The tumor is the initial stage of cancer.

Some possible symptoms of cancer are a lump, abnormal bleeding, unexplained weight loss, prolonged cough, and a change in bowel movements.  There are several types of cancer are available and all are organ related. Regular taking tobacco, poor diet, obesity and low physical activities are the cause of cancer. A polluted and ionized environment is also a cause of cancer. Many times it is a family disease. The abnormal cell growth of our body is a subset of neoplasms where any type of diffusely are available those are:

  • Absent of cell growth and division is a proper signal of cancer
  • The contrary signals of cancer are continuous growth and division
  • Death of cell is also very dangerous
  • limitation in cell division
  • Construction of blood vessels.
  • Formation of metastases

Some symptoms of cancer:

At the initial stage of cancer, you do not get strong symptoms so you have to take care of all the small problem of your body. Some local symptoms of cancer are a tumor, anemia, rectal bacteria, blood urine and many more. Unintentional weight loss, excessive fatigue, fever, and changes to the skin are the systematic symptoms of cancer.

Cause of cancer:

Genetic mutation, environmental factor, genetic, behavioral factor, lack of physical activity, stress and pollution, infection are the basic cause of cancer. If we make help of our environment and some habits then we can avoid cancer in a simple way. Contact with best oncologist in India where you will get all the best treatment for you.

Several types of cancer:

The uncontrolled cell growth and damage of tissue are the main reason of cancer. There are some common types of cancer are available those are:

  • Breast cancer: Abnormal growth of cell of the breast and gradually convert it in breast cancer.
  • Prostate cancer: At the man’s prostrate sometimes small size walnut-sized gland gets produced by the seminal fluid.
  • Melanoma: This is a serious and dangerous skin cancer.
  • Basel cell cancer: This is one type of skin cancer which is basal cell cancer.
  • Colon cancer: At the digestive tract or colon or rectum is affected by this type of cancer. The lower end of the colon is get injured by it.
  • Lung cancer: The basic reason for lung cancer is smoking and effect on lungs.
  • Leukemia: This is a cancer of blood-forming tissues which fight the infection.
  • Lymphoma: This is a cancer of lymphatic system which needs proper medical instruction.

Conclusion: Oncology is the study for the treatment of cancer where doctor gets proper knowledge of cancer. There is various type of oncologist are available in the different field such as medical, radiations, and surgical. Medical oncologist is do the chemotherapy or medications. Biopsies are done by the surgical oncologist which is very helpful for the diagnosis of cancer. A radiation oncologist is useful for the radiation therapy. Consult with a professional oncologist as per your type of disease.

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