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Beginners Level includes the history of Usui Reiki, distance healing, scanning and the hand positions. Read up and learn these and their techniques to complete this level.

A reiki manual courtesy of Low Cost Reiki has been secured. I am asking for a donation of $5 – you will be able to download the manual once you make the donation:

Once you have completed the attunement and the required reading you may print off a completion certificate.

Certificate generation is optimized for Internet Explorer.

Steve Murray is a widely known and acclaimed Reiki Master. His best selling Reiki Attunement DVDs, CDs and books have been used by many thousands of students and healers throughout the world.


This CD was inspired by Reiki Master Steve Murray’s best selling book “Reiki the Ultimate Guide Vol. 3 Learn New Reiki Aura Attunements.” Steve has embedded a Reiki Aura Attunement throughout this single-track album. The Attunement will be activated each time the CD is played, but you will only hear the music.


The Reiki Aura Music Attunement can be used by anyone and is to be played when working with mental, emotional and spiritual issues that manifest in the Aura. This music enhances and reinforces all the Aura work you are doing on yourself and/or others. The CD also plays continuously for over 60 minutes without separate tracks to avoid disruptions during a healing session. – Reiki


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