Roles of Live-in Caregiver

Modern medical science has ensured that people live longer; however, they may not remain healthy and strong through the final years of their lives. They will have to be assisted by caregivers to run tasks like giving them a bath, getting dressed and even driving them out for a visit to the doctor or for other purposes. With time, the caregivers are receiving professional training and their role as caregivers is also getting redefined all the time. In particular, live-in caregivers end up performing a variety of tasks. Some of these are linked to the medical side of the care being planned and provided, many are personal in nature and some have a social dimension. They also have the responsibility to keep an accurate record of the details of care they are providing.
Caregiver’s Nursing Role
Professional caregivers, who hold the appropriate qualification and certification are trained to attend to their elderly and administer medicines, provide mild first-aid treatment when required and so on.  They work in close coordination with the medical team that is assigned to them where regular checkups are conducted and treatment plans have to be drawn up. In many cases, the live-in caregiver might even be tasked to ensure that the elderly does not develop medical conditions, needing serious treatments.
Personal Care Provided
Some of these have been mentioned above. Many of these roles are performed by the part-time caregivers also, but for a live-in caregiver, these services are a must and integrated into the routine being performed daily. These could also include cooking, if the person desires it, and reading and providing companionship. The last-mentioned role is becoming increasingly recognized as the elderly don’t get to spend time with their own family since everyone has a career or a business to look after and leave their parents and grandparents alone. It is then left to the caregivers to play the role of the family.
Social Role Played by the Caregiver
The live-in caregiver will have the responsibility to make the life of the elderly using the service as normal as possible. If the elderly person in his or her care wishes to go out and meet friends or attend any function, then the caregiver accompanies the elderly. In that respect, they come to depend a lot on the caregivers. By keeping the elderly person in their care happy and healthy, they are indeed providing a service to the society at large.

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