Suggestions To Stay Potent For Longer Time

Most of the time potency is the cause for concern among men community. There are ways to make them alright. One must also lead a conscious life to stay potent on a long run. Find some pills like levitra generika to correct the erectile dysfunction and also follow the suggestions as given below.

  1. Eat Healthy and Monitor Your Weight

When you eat a balanced diet, then you will have a healthy life. This is not only true for a healthy life but also for your sex life. When you overeat, you feel the heaviness prevent not just your heart beat but also your penis. Wondering? Yes, penis and heart function the same way on the flow of blood. When blood flow slows down to the heart, you will have heart complications including attack, failure, etc. Likewise, penis also will stop erection when the blood flow is prevented. Eat fruits, vegetables, a limited amount of carb and good fat in your diet. Do not eat non-veg food in more significant quantity. It will lead to obesity. Type 2 diabetes is the first guest who will stay in the body without a time limit due to obesity.  You can find the cost of generika Levitra to correct your erectile dysfunction. But watch your weight and do not forget that diabetes will permanently shrink your penis and you cannot be potent any further.

  1. Avoid Alcohol

It is good to avoid consuming alcohol completely. If not a glass of wine or one single beer can be allowed. Strictly stay away from liquor containing alcohol. Prolonged consumption of alcohol will lead to damage to not only your liver but also your nerves. This will lead to impotence. Beware!

  1. Get Rid of BP and Cholesterol

BP is due to the pressure you undergo in your daily life. In other words, stress increase your pressure level. You must control them and get rid of them entirely. Also, LDL the bad cholesterol will not allow erection, and hence it must also be avoided. You must feel good about yourself to take away stress. Eat healthy fat like almonds and not junk food to add on the LDL. Both will lead to erectile dysfunction. Walk regularly to keep both in check. Practice meditation to reduce pressure.

In a nutshell, an active and healthy lifestyle will keep you a potent for a long time to enjoy sex with your partner. Few mistakes thought small ruins your permanent happiness.


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