Ten ways to maintain the oral health of your canine

All of us are aware that foul breathing is one of the most horrible things that your canine can have. Also, many of us experience stinky wet kisses from our pup’s frequently.

If in case, you are at presently looking for ways in order to improve your canine’s foul breathing than here are we to help you out. There are various ways to improve your canine’s foul gasp. Following are ten ways in order to do so.

  1. Investigate your canine’s mouth for any of the foreign growths and objects: Bad dog breath can at times be caused due to particles of food that sticks in the mouth, or even the growth of tumors. If in case you notice the growth of tumor in the mouth of your canine, you must get him examined by his veterinarian immediately.
  2. Regular oral check ups of your canine: You must never compromise with your canine’s oral health. Taking him for regular health check ups is mandatory. After examining your pup, the vet will prescribe tests and diagnosis and will determine the cause of your canine’s foul breathing.
  3. Brushing his teeth is essential:  As regularly brushing teeth are essential for good oral health in human. Likewise, the oral health of your canine is also important and hence brushing becomes an important aspect of it. You must brush your pup’s teeth regularly, every day if possible. Using a toothpaste specially formulated for canines must be used. Also, do not forget to brush his tongue as well.
  4. Floss:  Another important step is to floss your canine’s teeth. Just as flossing has benefits for human teeth, in the same ways it has benefits for your canine’s teeth as well.
  5. Chew toys for nibbling:  Chewing is the most natural process with the help of which the oral health of your canine can be taken care of as well as maintained healthy. You can give your canine a chew toy to nibble; this will clean the teeth of your pup.
  6. Give him special treats to chew: There is a wide variety of treats that are formulated by medicine are available in the market. Mouthwashes, as well as breath sprays, can also help in avoiding bad dog breath. These chews treats are specially formulated to eliminate foul breathing. However, you must keep in mind before purchasing these treats that they are free from any chemical component. The treats containing chemical components can be very harmful to your puppy.
  7. Rawhide bone:  You can also eliminate plaque issues by giving your canine a rawhide bone. These bones work very well towards reducing the plaque buildup in your canine’s mouth. Although, you need to be aware of the state of the bone at all time, and you need to dump it away once you see that it is simple to swallow.
  8. Use items that have chlorhexidine:  This is a very useful antiseptic chemical component that can be found easily in sprays as well as a chew. This will help you in keeping your canine’s mouth bacteria free and eventually odor free.
  9. Diet:  You need to ensure that your canine is on a very healthy diet in order to stay away from the bad dog breath.  Avoid feeding him with too much meat.
  10. Balancing greens:   You have to be very careful in preparing a diet chart for your canine. Make sure that he consumes enough of green vegetables, fruits as well as rice. Meat is necessary as it is a source of protein; however, too much meat can also cause foul breathing. Ensure that he intakes lots of fluid as well.

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