What Are The Pros and Cons of Gastric Balloon Treatment?

A gastric balloon is also known as surgical balloon and it is basically inserted into the stomach in order to reduce the space in the stomach. As a result, the patient cannot eat so much at a go and feels full faster. Technically it works along the same way as having your stomach stapled or lap band surgery.

How Is The Balloon Put In?

The process involves in gastric balloon is very simple and it is done under the guidance of a qualified physician under sedation or general anesthesia. The whole process actually takes around 20 minutes to complete the procedure and the balloon is then filled with either saline or air.

Benefits of Gastric Balloon:

There are multiple benefits of the gastric balloon process that make it an obvious choice for the people who are overweight and have a BMI rate between 25 and 30. The most important benefits of gastric balloon are mentioned below:

  • Simple and Easy Procedure:

The process is very quick and simple. It is more effective procedure than other weight loss surgeries available in the market.

  • More People Can Qualify:

As it is a simple procedure, more numbers of people can qualify for the same as the guidelines are not as strict as having gastric bypass or lap band surgery. The treatment time is also very short and the patient can return home within just a day.

  • Non-surgical Procedure:

The most important benefit of this weight loss treatment is that it doesn’t involve any surgery. As a result, the digestive organs of the patient are not cut open or tampered with like a gastric bypass surgery. As a result, everything can easily be done by inserting and removing the gastric balloon.

  • Fast Weight Loss Treatment:

Gastric balloon can be left in for up to six months with results of a good amount of weight loss being recorded.

Apart from the notable benefits, there are some other things that you need to keep in mind before undergoing the gastric balloon process as well. They are as follows:

  • Diet and Exercise Is Still Required:

In order to achieve the best results from gastric balloon weight loss surgery, the patient needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate diet and exercise.

  • Patient Need to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle:

This is a short term aid, so you have to maintain correct eating habits even if the balloon has been removed.

In earlier days, gastric balloon was filled with saline or liquid, which can cause a feeling of nausea and physical discomfort. However, nowadays, the gastric balloons are filled with air and are showing better result without any physical discomfort or side-effects. Also, in order to get optimum and best result, you should contact an experienced gastric balloon treatment expert.

Gastric balloon treatment is ideal for you if you went for weight loss surgery previously but were put off either by the very fear of major surgery or the strict guidelines of lap band surgery. This type of surgery is the best solution for you when you are disappointed with the results you get from normal weight loss techniques.

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