Winstrol cycle: Is it effective for women?

When it comes to steroids and body making supplements women don’t have a great deal of choice. Men can however pick and choose whatever bulking or cutting steroid they want, whereas women need to be selective as there are many such compounds that may cause virilization side effects. Using the wrong steroids can cause a woman’s voice to become deeper, her facial structure to alter (becoming more masculine) and hair growth to become more. Winstrol for women is one of the safest and most effective performance enhancement supplements available today. It is a mild anabolic steroid that can be safely utilized by both genders. This may show a very positive resultados em mulheres if it is consumed in the right way.

Women seeking weight loss and strong, smooth muscle tone choose Winstrol for performance enhancement. Winstrol is sold in both oral and water-based injectable form. Women can actually drink the injectable dosage. Winstrol has a short half-life, leaving the body quicker than many other anabolic steroids. Most women generally prefer to use this drug during their cutting cycles, and for this a dose of about 10mg every other day (or maybe 5mg daily) may usually serves this purpose well.

There are lot of misunderstandings prevalent among bodybuilders related to the use of Winstrol, and that too especially for women.  However, one cannot easily move with the misconceptions. So here are some useful facts that women wanting to use Winstrol should know and understand the effectiveness:

  • Winstrol is for quality muscle growth
  • Winstrol is for weight loss
  • Winstrol is for a lean frame

The bulking phase of performance enhancement includes adding new, lean muscle mass. Winstrol is the perfect hormone for women seeking this effect. Winstrol is not known as a strong promoter of muscle mass. One of the best things about Winstrol for women is its efficacy. Those females who are supplementing with Winstrol for cutting purposes may see the same results that men do. The main reason for the use of a Winstrol cycle is for weight loss resultados em mulheres.In reality women are far more delicate to steroids and its effects, and while they will benefit from using it in a cycle it can be very favourable to women for bulking than it is for men.

Winstrol is used by female athletes around the world to assist the increase in strength and endurance, improving muscle tone, burningfat faster and generally improving their physical prowess both during competition and in the off season. Women may showpositive result to this drug but you have to be smart enough to avoid the negative side effects. If you are a female and you notice masculinizing or virilizing effects from taking Winstrol V or Winny Depot, you need to stop using it to ensure there are no lasting side effects. These virilising side effects can be dangerous and it may even damage a women’s femininity. It is important to understand that Winstrol can cause this effects, the risk is just lower if you use Winstrol responsibly.

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